Our Mission Statement:

CCS is dedicated to exceeding our Mission, Vision, and Value Goals. 

This drives everything we do.

Our Mission:

Total customer satisfaction with commitments delivered, promises kept, and communications continuous.

our vision:

Anticipate system and service growth, based on customer demand, for superior results.


Expect the highest ethical standards and behavior from all individual CCS service providers.

SAFEty Commitments

Customer satisfaction can only be achieved through the health, safety, and productivity of CCS drivers, and the administrative staff that supports them.

Comprehensive CCS safety resources are directed against all potential safety exposures and hazards, providing driving professionals with timely and protective safety issue notifications, and training on all operational issues that could endanger their well being.

Each and every day, our commitment to employee health and safety will be demonstrated through consistent review of all operating procedures, examination of current practices, review of new procedures, and the application of safety suggestions of all customers and CCS driving professionals.