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For almost 30 years, CCS has provided full service drayage and depot operations to numerous steamship lines from our home terminal in Mobile, Alabama. Offering container and chassis storage, as well as repair and inventory management, we can accommodate all requirements of our depot customers.

In 2000, we opened similar operations in Memphis, Tennessee, offering the same full service depot, drayage, and trucking services.

Terminal security remains a priority at CCS, and each site is customs bonded, secured with fencing, lighting, and 24/7 security personnel.

We also offer a wide variety of new and used shipping containers, as well as storage containers for sale at our terminal in Mobile, AL. (Click to learn more)

Terminal locations

CCS - Mobile, AL Terminal


Chickasaw Container Services is ready to meet the requirements of today’s drayage industry. We have an extensive fleet of company owned tri-axle chassis, both in Mobile and Memphis, as well as 40’ and 20’ intermodal chassis.

Both terminal locations operate top-pick lifts, as well as blade lifts, and our bonded yards are fenced, illuminated, and guarded 24/7.

CCS - Memphis, TN Terminal


Our depot software is Depot Systems, and we communicate to our customers via EDI.

Utilizing our top-pick lifts and blade lifts at each terminal, we have storage capacity exceeding 3,000 units per location. From container repairs to lifting and stacking chassis, we offer a full selection of depot services.

We also have access to sale boxes, and can locate used 20' and 40' containers to buy for storage.